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Alumni List on Facebook

We have a great list of people who attended Dane Court, but we are always looking to update it. Please visit the Facebook page and check out the Excel file to see if you can add updated information. 


Here is the link:

The Reunion
Dane Court
Class of 1978

Saturday 12th March 2022

7.00 pm.


2022 is the year that we turn 60. It has been too many years since most of us last saw each other and if not now, then when? We all share a past and by now we should, hopefully, be mature enough to deal with it and be curious.


The Charles Dickens Pub, Broadstairs. It is a fairly safe bet that all of us went here at some point, so it should help with bringing back the memories.

Meet us there at 7.00 pm. 



The best way to get any questions answered is to post them to the Dane Court Class of 78 Facebook page.

If you really hate FB and wont use it, then you can type a message below and it will get to one of us via email.

Thanks for submitting!


Let us know via Facebook that you are coming so that we can arrange food, space, drinks, etc.

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